Rubber To Metal Bonded Parts

rubber-metal-bonded-parts_clip_image004Custom molded rubber parts bonded to metal components for prototype and production applications is a service available from KEBBUCK, a custom rubber molding solutions provider with 10 years experience. Rubber Industries’ typical metal and plastic components bonded to rubber include handles and grips, valve assemblies, diaphragms, gear and sprocket assemblies, and mounting devices, to name just a few. Included are a broad range of rubber components bonded to aluminium, brass, steel, Teflon and plastic.

rubber-metal-bonded-parts_clip_image001_0000We offers a full range of custom formulated and compounded elastomers to meet correct functional, environmental and color requirements of the bonded assembly. Virtually any industry requirement can be met with these custom compound formulations, including resistance to heat, cold, oil, gas and harsh chemicals.

rubber-metal-bonded-parts_clip_image006Specific performance requirements such as hardness, fluid resistance, abrasion resistance, shrinkage, elongation, modulus and cost are addressed by KEBBUCK for specific rubber-to-metal and plastic bonding applications.