Molded Rubber Products

From molding products made of homogeneous rubber, to rubber bonded to metal as well as other various materials, KEBBUCK makes efficient use of state of the art technology to produce a quality product.

moulded-rubber-products_clip_image004No matter how small or large your production requirement KEBBUCK is able to meet your special needs. We use the latest injection, compression and transfer molding technologies to manufacture products of various sizes and configurations with varying degrees of complexity in the most efficient manner.Product can be made from a full range of elastomers to meet your demanding material specifications.


  • Injection Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Homogeneous Rubber
  • Rubber Bonded to Metal

prod1We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialist exporter of a wide range of Auto Parts that includes Engine Mountings, Rubber /Metal Bushes, C.V/Axel Boots, Oil Seals, Exhaust Hanger Parts, Gaskets, Nuts & Bolts, Precision machined parts, Rubber Parts etc. Manufactured with the help of the latest technology and by using premium quality raw materials for our wide range of aftermarket parts .

Our Products:

  • Rubber Partsrubber parts
  • Engine Mountings O-Rings
  • Oil Seals Rubber Parts
  • C.V/Axel Boots Strut Mounts
  • Oil Seals Coupling Discs
  • Gaskets Bellows
  • Nuts & Bolts Bushings
  • Engine Mounts Rubber /Metal …Bushes
  • Precision machined parts Rubber Gaskets
  • Machined / Turned Parts …including CNC turned

prod2Rubber Moulded Components :

  • Mountings
  • Silent Blocks
  • Bushings
  • Torque Arm
  • Bushes
  • Equalizer Bushes
  • Buffers

Kebbuck supplies Injection Molded Rubber parts, as well as conventional Compression and Transfer Molded Parts.

moulded-rubber-products2Additional Capabilities

  • Injection transfer, Compression Molding
  • Rubber Bonded to Metal Rubber Parts
  • Fabricated & Die Cut Rubber Parts
  • Dense Sponge, Rubber

We manufacture and Export Custom Engineered Rubber products. Molded rubber, Extruded Rubber, Fabricated and Die cut products and Rubber to Metal Bonded products.

Value Added Services :

moulded-rubber-products_clip_image001Here are some of the value-added services provided by ONS :

  • Subassembly of rubber parts
  • Applying clamps and labels on hoses
  • Bonding rubber to metal during the molding process
  • Applying adhesive tape to rubber
  • Short run production and experimental work for prototyping
  • Assembly of kits

From Concept To Quality Products :

Kebbuck is a high quality producer of die cut, extruded and molded parts. Wheather your need is for a prototype or a full production run, Kebbuck can work with you from concept, through designing to shipping of complete products. Contact one of our experieced customer service representatives to assist you with quoting your project.

  • Die Cutting
  • Custom Molding
  • Custom Extrusions