Fiber Glass Parts

2KEBBUCK produces “Custom-Made” Fiberglass Parts using best available composites to suit all kinds of Automotive applications.

All our parts are hand laid by experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the Industry. We take great pride in claiming excellent fitment, bonding, finish and light weight on all parts produced by KEBBUCK.
5Our product line includes Hoods, Scoops, Bumpers, Fenders, Engine parts etc. Our parts are available with “Bolt-On” and “Ready-to-Fit” applications. Each part is test fitted and inspected before being shipped to ensure uniform quality. These parts are available in Gel Coat, Primer and PU paint finishes. Quantity and Development is never an issue with us.
fiberglass-picture-3Volume is not a hindrance at KEBBUCK. We mange small quantities with as much ease as large volumes. Our products are very well accepted in the US, Australian and German Markets.

To get started , all you need to do is to send us the picture , dimensions and weight of the part. We will be happy to send you quotes.

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