Extruded Rubber Products

extruded-rubber-products_clip_image002Rubber molded products from extruded cord or tubing to complex profile shapes, from prototyping to large to small production runs, KEBBUCK is your source of supply for custom extruded rubber products.

A wide variety of materials meeting the most demanding specifications can be used to produce uniquely shaped profile extrusions. Product requiring tight dimensional tolerances are our specialty.

Desired lengths of extrusion along with washers and gaskets can be manufactured from tubing or extruded stock in just about every conceivable shape and size.

  • Tubing
  • Complex Shapes
  • Close Tolerance
  • Prototype
  • Production Runs


extruded-rubber-products_clip_image006All of KEBBUCK Weatherstrip are manufactured from the highest quality sponge material available and is always very detailed, exceeding that of our competitors . We are constantly adding to our list of molded weather-stripping and other reproduction parts. All are jet black with a smooth skin and made of the finest weather resistant and ozone resistant sponge. If you need to develop a typical weatherstrip, please contact Technical Support for advise. We are looking to reproduce new weather stripping all the time.

Finely crafted and detailed. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Your automobile restoration will not be complete without new weather-stripping, but not all replacement products have the quality and durability KEBBUCK can deliver. All replacement weather-stripping products are created with Micro Closed Cell Sponge which is superior to our competitors products and to original equipment weather-stripping! Not all weather-stripping products were created from the same rubber products, which is why KEBBUCK utilizes different compounds to “duplicate” the original part’s features and qualities.

extruded-rubber-products_clip_image001KEBBUCK’s Extruded Sponge Weatherstripping

  • Made from detailed steel dies for consistent quality.
  • Sunlight and ozone resistant, tough, EPDM sponge rubber.
  • Very soft for ease of door and trunk closing.
  • Good memory for rebound and lengthened sealing qualities.
  • Smooth, jet black, skin for long life and good looks.
  • Uniform cell structure for even compression.
  • Individually closed, waterproof cells for improved weather resistance.
  • Proper and accurate profiles that fit like the originals test fit and time proven not to leak.
  • The outer skin and interior rubber is one piece to prevent the skin from peeling off.

KEBBUCK stands as a synonym of quality and is the ultimate choice for its customers. In all its years of existence, it has strives to set new standards of efficiency and quality. The secret behind our emergence as a globally competitive player is the customer satisfaction we provide. This level is the confluence of an excellent product line and world-class service.