Custom Services

KEBBUCK is a manufacturer of quality reproduction parts for classic, vintage and modern cars.

KEBBUCK reproduces high quality, low volume custom made parts at reasonable prices.

KEBBUCK delivers complete engineering and manufacturing solutions, and is capable of reproducing just about any part for any vintage or modern car no matter what make or model year.

extruded-rubber-products_clip_image001Rubber Parts
Custom made automotive rubber parts – engine mountings, bushes, seals, gaskets, pedal rubber, suspension parts etc. is our speciality. We have excelled in moulded, extruded and , rubber to metal bonded segments – supplying to wholesale aftermarket importers in Australia and Germany. More

⇒  Plastic Parts
products_autoparts2-smallOur range of Plastic Line includes Injection Molded as well as Extruded Products for all kinds of Automotive Applications. We undertake manufacturing of the spares and replacement parts meant for Aftermarket Sales. More

⇒  Fiber Glass Parts
We reproduce “Custom-Made” Fiberglass Parts using best available composites to suit all kinds of Automotive applications. All our parts are hand laid by experts who carry more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We take great pride in claiming excellent fitment, bonding, finish and light weight on all parts produced by KEBBUCK.  More

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